Italy, Piedmont, Bubbio

Azienda Agricola Torelli

Gianfranco Torelli is the 4th generation to manage and control the wine farm. Since 1987, he is determined and committed to pursue organic agriculture after his parents. In 1992, Bubbio was the first village where he became the representative who rose aagainst the GMOs in Europe.

Gianfranco continued to improve his organic farming. He has perfect mastery of the ecosystem such that all the natural resources are employed to the optimum advantage of the wine production.

In addition to his vast professionalism in organic agriculture, he is also well reputed and recognized for his expertise that larger estates would often seek his advice whenever they encounter issues in their wines and wish to find solutions that eliminate the use of chemicals.

The azienda agricola Torelli is exemplary for organic to be indeed delicious!

France, Alsace, Rouffach

Domaine Rieflé-Landmann

Thomas and Paul are the succeeding sixth generation of the Rieflé family working in the field.

The two brothers, sensitive to civic and humanist values while confronting with the realities of a global market, have decided to apply practically the historic statement of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “You do not inherit the earth from your ancestors; you borrow it from your children “.

They thus developed and affirmed the vineyard in its entirety in accordance with the organic farming standards.

Moreover to their great respect to soil, the flora, fauna and well-being, organic farming is also considered to be an extensively useful tool through the wines may convey the characteristics of a number of terroirs through which Domain Rieflé largely benefits.

They also place the Man and his precise touch at the center of creating the strongest wines. Manual labor is performed through the assistance of a local association with occupational reintegration, registered to the field in a local humanist and united approach.

Italy, Aosta Valley, Chambave

La Crotta di Vigneron

This is most importantly the story of those who are deeply rooted in the mesmerizing alpine region. It is the story of generations of skillful “wine growers” who’ve sought above and beyond to discover the highest supreme quality from their farms where they grow their distinct wine varieties. La Crotta di Vigneron pursues the ancestral “country” tradition, relying on the classic connection between local vines and territory.

Vineyards are at high altitude which leaves no grounds for mechanizing work in the vineyard. Thereupon, the vineyards are given great care, dealing directly with the vines.

A rich country with vineyards enriched in pure air and thus produces wine that is of great subtlety and fineness.

Italy, Piedmont, Barolo

Azienda Agricola Angelo Germano

A the forefront of the distant Italian Alps, the UNESCO world heritage, the “Langhe” hills offer a glamorous view of a hilly, rolling and yet a panoramic landscape adorned with a stunning architecture and the patchworks of vineyards adds to this glamour producing some of the finest wines in all of Italy.

Established in 1908, the Germano Angelo estate has from time immemorial been a family company for more than a century. The sons of Angelo, David and Giovanni are also known to be responsible for the establishment of the significant “Consorzio di Tutela dal Barolo e del Barbaresco”. Today, the great-grandson of German Angelo, David Angelo, manages and controls the property with utmost respect for traditions and continues to promote the optimum quality of his established ancestors.

Renounced for his Barolo and the Nebbiolo nicknamed as the “Baby Barolo”, this estate practices a traditional wine making art with state-of-the-art technological tools.

Italy, Piedmont, Barolo

Azienda Agricola Brezza

Has been a reputed wine grower for over 4 generations and tradition seems to be at the center of focus for the Brezza family.  Their special attention is geared towards the uniqueness of their terroir in their wines while also remaining constantly attuned with the country and its fruits.

The family works only in organic agriculture. They are solely focused on producing mono vines and are especially attentive towards the good health of the wines.

Their oldest vineyards are over 70 years old and are still the proud producers of magnificent wines!